Crazy Japanese

Since I don't have anything to do at work right now, I'll write about crazy Japanese people.

Swine flu hit Japan a couple of weeks ago. First, it hit Kansai area, and the government closed schools, some offices, and Japanese musicians like Ayumi Hamasaki and Ai Otsuka cancelled their concerts in Kansai area. Those people who got swine flu were high school students. They were in the same volleyball team. So the media said they passed the virus through volleyball games. This morning, some TV show was showing how they could pass the virus through volleyball games. I was getting ready to go to work, so I didn't really pay attention to it, but I think they had an experiment to show it. It was ridiculous!

How people are reacting is pretty ridiculous too. On the news, the broadcasters were showing the proper way to wear masks. According to it, we can't wear the same masks once you take it off. So people are buying masks, and drugstores sold out their masks. On the internet auctions, some people are selling masks with doubled prices. A brother of a famous comedian is super nice that he is going to give away 10,000 masks for free to those who need. Crazy eh!

Tokyo is not as crazy as Kansai area, but I see people wearing masks on the trains, and streets. And there is a bottle of antiseptic solution at the entrance of my office.

I wonder what it's like in Canada...

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