I'm getting super excited!

So, instead of going back in Octorber, I'm going back to Canada in July. My boss has been absent at work, so I can't give them my notice:( But I'm going to book my tickets sometime in this week. In this time, I'm not going to live in Prince George. I'll be living in Vancouver!! Yay! I've been searching about jobs and place to live. Everytime I see sentense like "Millenium Line" or "Joyce Station", I get so excited! It's like I can hear the announcement of the skytrain!! haha! This shows how excited I am!

Also, I'm so excited to see my friends!! I've been talking to my friends in Vancouver that I'm coming back! They are excited too!! I can't wait to see them!!

For a while, I'll be living at my friend's house in North Van. Her boyfriend's birthday is the same as mine!! I think I'm moving to Van after my birthday, but she told me that he wants to have a birthday party when I get there! I hope to see my friends can make it too!!

Oh man! I'm so excited!!

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